Dressing Casually for Country Clubs

Country clubs are sophisticated establishments that require members to maintain a certain dress code. The clothing worn will vary depending on whether the event is formal or casual, so it’s important to know what to expect in both instances. For now, let’s focus on how to dress casually when attending an event or a relaxing day at the country club.


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Men and women can dress a bit similarly when it comes to casual shirts at country clubs. Shirts should be pressed and crisp, especially tailored shirts and polo shirts. Women can wear sweaters with tasteful buttons as well as ruffles. Both men and women can wear tailored jackets with their casual look, adding a bit of flair to their look while keeping it casual.


The bottom of your outfit is a bit less restricted than the top, so you have a bit more leeway. Shorts or capris are typically frowned upon, though knee-length skirts are acceptable for women. Men have the option to wear slacks, though denim is not allowed in most country clubs. Corduroy is a good option for both sexes, though women can also get away with velvet ensembles.


Shoes are often one of the things people worry about the most when they visit maggie valley nc. Women have several choices, including ballet slippers or high heels with a max of 3 inches. Bigger heels, plastics, and faux materials are discouraged in most establishments. Men can wear loafers or boots, both of which should ideally be black or brown.

Now that you’ve gotten more information about what to wear to a country club, you can ensure that you’re properly dressed and fit in with the rest of the members. When it comes to casual, you’ll be the best dressed in the building and at events.